Welcome To JTC

The Jano Training Centre [JTC] was established in 2016 as a purpose-built training centre, specializing in safety training for the oil and gas and marine industries.

JTC is a leading and specialist in providing world class Safety training to global and regional approved standards. The Centre is situated in Mumbai and easy accessible. Our latest training facilities will help enhance your practical experiences in a safe and controlled environment.

JTC has a dedicated fire fighting and escape training facility, as well as an large pool in which we run our HUET [Helicopter Underwater Escape Training] and other offshore trainings.

We have several high furnished classrooms for trainees, in addition to two changing rooms and a large dining hall.

List Of OPITO Approved Courses conducted at Jano Training Centre – Mumbai – India as Follows:

  1. Bosiet with EBS
  2. FOET
  3. HUET
  5. TFOET
  6. THUET
  7. TSBB
  8. TSBB-FT
  11. H2S


JTC is OPITO Approved Training Centre.

JTC is ACM – UKAS -ISO 9001:2015.

Training Courses

The Centre runs a wide range of safety training courses which, apart from the fire fighting, helicopter escape and
life raft training sessions, include more general sessions on sea survival, first aid. We shall maintain a coordinated approach to the use of our names and logos within the limitations and restrictions ensuring that all our protected trademarks shall be associated with quality, customer orientation, reliability and safety.

Mission Statement

To help industries and the public sector to prevent, manage and limit the consequences of undesirable incidents.

Achievement Of Mission Statement

  • Meet expectations of our “STAKEHOLDERS”
  • Ensure all activities are characterized by integrity and good business


The Jano Training Centre [JTC] was established in 2016, under the umbrella of the prestigious Jano Maritime Training Services Pvt. Ltd., With the vision of the Managing Director, Capt. Joe Francis Rodrigues.

“Our core values have always included helping industry keep safety as its number one priority. Our commitment to maintain the latest standards of excellence and our partnership approach to our clients and stakeholders constantly drive us to improve”.

  • We are the leading Safety Training in the region with state of the art facilities.
  • Our instructors are trained to international standards. Each has been selected keeping their competence, qualifications, experience and aptitude in mind.
  • Our latest training facilities will help enhance your practical experiences in a safe and controlled environment.

Business Ethics

Our business operations are professionally conducted to the highest of standards, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our ‘Stakeholders’ interests.

Core Values

  • tters on Safety, Health and Environmental protection within the company are given the highest priority in all activities.
  • All individuals and staff have personal duties and shared responsibilities to guarantee their safety, as well as others, while conducting their activities.
  • To foster mutual trust with our stakeholders, all our activities are founded on the principles of honesty, fairness and integrity.
  • Common goals are realized by encouraging open and honest communication, display of confidence in colleagues and cooperation with others.
  • Confidentiality provisions contained within Tender and Contract documents as entered by the company and daily operations are carefully observed and upheld at all times.
  • All services are rendered at the highest standards, on time, and on agreed cost to satisfy the client’s need.
  • We achieve high levels of professional competence through innovation and change, we seek to perpetually grow and develop.
  • Continuous improvement is our way of life and we do this by utilizing experiences and improving both our facility and staff.
  • Employees play their part in communication a positive image of the company to all stakeholders.
  • Constant growth in our day to day operations helps maintain our quality standards for complying with and exceeding the requirements of ISO 9001-2015.